See Through Engine UPDATE (Project Update-Turbo-Nitro & EFI)

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Here’s the update video on the see-through engine on turbo Nitro and EFI build.
this is the video everybody’s been waiting for as this build has taken me quite some time and everyone has been asking for an update….almost done!.

I’m currently adapting the amp EFI engine management system to the 3 hp Briggs & Stratton see-through engine, I didn’t skimp on the build I went all out and did all of the sensors with boost control full electronic ignition system throttle position sensors and a see-through intake manifold.

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Engine management System i’m Using:

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Watch this in 4k when possible, it looks incredibly awesome !

Carbon 12

Produced By: Carbon 12

Directed By: Matt Mikka

49 thoughts on “See Through Engine UPDATE (Project Update-Turbo-Nitro & EFI)

  1. Would love to see another video of trying more things to get it to run good an strong. Or strong till pops something. But c thru head no good for trying to figure this out. Would love a video with all above tryed out. Sure many would. Kind of stuff is cool

  2. If you have that all good then unhook tps an control that by hand while running see how much you can throttle up with out turning tps. If you can throttle up an further more if you can get full throttle with tps in your hand by not advancing tps and or only give tps say half throttle or so. Or to keep ez if butterfly valve can run wide open by not going full throttle on tps then you obviously need to turn do your fuel. An if this wrks but yes you’ve turned your fuel down an ect already an nothing helped but now with tps in hand an able to full throttle butterfly vale while not full throttling tps then injector is just way to big so you can’t configure in your tune no matter wat you try.

  3. If your waste gate owns you will not be able to achieve wat your trying to do. In your next video it runs bad. If your waste gate is not opening an you get your fuel correct then you will be able to not only go full throttle you’ll be able to go full throttle from an idle

  4. Also thru out all your testing have you felt or seen your waste gate move. Also is the waste gate arm adjusted correctly an also is the waste gate valve sealing correctly. Anyone one of these things will make it not wrk well. You want that waste gate valve sealing well. Also you don’t want that wastegate to open at all.

  5. I really like how this went from "blow up a lawnmower engine" to "upgrade a lawnmower engine with all the sensors and stuff". It's really interesting to watch as it shows how engines developed from simple mechanical machines to half computers.

  6. Just a thought you should have the coolant temp sensor in between the find not touching then use thermal paste for a computer and pack it in and around it that will transfer the heat better for a more accurate reading. With efi it will be looking at temp for starting and running and I believe adjusts fuel ratios according to engine and exhaust temps

  7. Just as a heads up my guy, those factory 2nd gen eclipse blow off valves start leaking as you approach 12 psi. I question whether or not you'll be making that kind if boost but IF you do keep that in mind. So looking forward to that video.

  8. A 5hp Briggs would be a good upgrade because of all the performance parts they make for them (billet connecting rods, cams and billet flywheels) with a billet rod I’m sure it could take all the power you could throw at it

  9. You really don't need that air idle control valve or the throttle position sensor. you can do it without and it simplifies the Turning process. I've got megasquirt 2 and I don't use either of them and it runs great.

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